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Welcome to Brighton

CircleWell known for the Brighton Marina, Brighton is one of the must visit places if you are going on an England tour with kids luggage sets. The place is quite famous for all its attractions and history. It was one of the most favored seaside bolt hole by one of the Prince Regent. He also well left his stamp in the city along with giving it a unique touch of the Regency architecture.

The place has a lot to offer you including a number of museums, churches, parks and a number of other places that will surely catch your fancy. Some of the main places to visit are listed down below; if you are a first time visitor to the city these should be given a visit for sure without missing even a single one out of them.

Historical Brighton Marina

The much talked about marina is one of the artificially built marinas in the complex. It was built forty years back and is counted as one of the best and largest marina complexes in the entire United Kingdom. The marina becomes open for boats in the year 1978 by the Queen, the inauguration ceremony was followed by a tour with HRH accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh. It is one of the best and not to be missed spots while your England visits.

The UnderCliff Walk

The UnderCliff WalkThis walk is a three and a half mile stretch from the Brighton Marina to the Saltdean and was built to serve the motive of providing sea defenses for the chalk cliffs back then in the thirties. At present it serves as the walking path and is quite pleasant with the little wonderful strolls all around, also the walk gives you some salty air inhalation because of the sea. There are also a number of cliff cafés where you can take a pause during the walk and have a look at the rock pools at the low tides.




Brighton Museum And Art Gallery

If you are a history lover and art enthusiast, this is the right place for you to visit. This museum is situated right in one of the parts of Prince Regent’s old stable complex. The museum has a permanent collection of the ancient and historical Egyptian bobs and bits. The museum is easily accessible and also has a lot more to showcase including the top-rated post-war British art and the Brighton seaside memorabilia. It also has to present you the Sickert and Paula Rego under the past exhibitions category.

Brighton Toy And Model Museum

This is one of the best places to bring your kids in as this museum is full of different kind of dolls and toys from various places that might catch their fancy. It is situated under the Brighton station and is appropriate to pay a visit in the rainy weather. The place is full of differently stuffed teddies, old mechanical toys, ship models or the wood made puppets. There is also a 1930s antique train model tracks inside the museum providing you a ride within the premises.

Brighton Beaches

The place is well known for the beaches and there are quite a number of them present, each of them represents a different flavor just like the city’s villages. Also, the beaches accommodate shops, restraints and various other attractions to provide you fun and a wonderful experience while spending your time there. Also, these are well known for the tasty and amazing food as well as drinks available there.

Volk’s Electric Railway

This is the best method you can opt for keeping your little Volk's Electric Railwayones amused and entertained. It is said to be one of the oldest electric railways to be still operating in the world. This train is a narrow gauge electric railway that takes you to the marina stopping right before it, and riding with slow trundles. There is also a mid spot for the train that will be at the Yellowave Beach, you can catch out on any of the sports there like the beach volleyball and can also have some refreshments like tea or anything else there itself.

You also will be interesting to know about the historical part of Volk’s railway and about Daddy Long Legs


British Airways i360

brighton from the hightThis is known to be the highest moving observing tower in the world. The viewing platform is glass made and in the shape of a donut. It is approximately one hundred and thirty-eight meters above the city and the Coastline of Sussex and provides you a great view of the whole city including all the major monuments in a twenty-minute long ride. You will never forget the feelings after visiting this place



If you are planning to visit the city of Brighton, do plan a visit involving the visit to each and every monument given in the list. All of these are quite famous around the world and also it will be just a waste of your vacation going to the city without these places.