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Learning Languages In Brighton, England

Learning Languages In Brighton, England

The city of Brighton is well known for its historical connections and culture and is quite famous in the entire world. But the city also accommodates a number of great language schools that are known to provide knowledge and education for each individual irrespective of their age, gender or caste.

These language schools are present mainly to grant knowledge about the English language to each and every requesting individual

In this article, we will talk about few points about the language schools in Brighton.

Courses for adults

The language school has a team of excellent and qualifies individual’s known to help you throughout your course duration and being always there to help you adjust and visit the city properly during your stay here. This course specializes in providing language knowledge to the individuals above the age of eighteen years. They are kept regularly motivated and captivated to make the desired progress in the language. Some of the major advantages provided by these adult language schools are.

  • Brighton view
  • Newly refurbished residence
  • Comfortable and convenient classrooms for easy learning
  • Free internet access for enabling anytime searching
  • There are student’s lounge present that will help out the learners to socialize and unwind

The different language courses are available

Before starting off with a course you first of all need to be well aware of it and know all about the types of english courses. To get admission in a course you first of all need to get through a language test in order to get placed in the correct classrooms and with the classmates having same English ability.

There is a range of courses offered to suit all your language needs and learning levels. You can easily choose out from the available list of courses mentioned below according to your learning levels.

Just keep in mind that one lesson provided will be approximately forty-five minutes long.

Specification/CoursesStandard courseAfternoon courseIntensive CourseBusiness courseOne to one courseElective CourseIELTS Exam preparationUniversity Pathways
Lessons per week 20203020+1010,20,30
(depending on learning capacity)
Minimum duration of the course 1 week1 week1 week1 week1 week1 week10-12 weeks12
Maximum class size (students in each class) 121812121121014

studentAll the exam preparation courses you are opting for does not include the examination fees in the amount charged for the course. The form of these examinations need to be filled by your own and should be paid separately for that. Also, the placement fees charged for the University pathways are two hundred pound sterling.




Few words to consider

We hope this article might have been of some help to you in getting to know about the language school in Brighton.

You will be able to get the right path and education by getting involved in the language school. Just make sure that the course you are opting for is fulfilling all your requirements and is able to cover all the criteria.